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Tree Care Services

Tree Health Consultation

The purpose and goal of a tree consultation is to inform you, the client, of your tree's health, structure, potential risk and long term management potential. Our mission and goal is to give you the appropriate scientific plant health care information in order for you to make a well informed decision that fits your budget, aesthetic and property management long term goals. Our arborists work with you to give you a number of different options based on your tree's species, health and your property management goals. From these conversations with you we are able to give you an itemized estimate so that you can see the price breakdown for the options we have discussed. Our mission and goal is sharing information.

Pruning is a common tree care practice involving the selective removal of diseased, damaged, dead or hazardous limbs or branches. All pruning is based on the desired goals an arborist has to affect the way in which a tree grows. The most common types of pruning include:

We also offer cable installations which are often times done in conjunction with pruning in order to further reduce risk of limb failure. Cables should be inspected by an arborist every two years.

When all else fails or total removal is the safest or preferred option, we are fully equipped for any variety of tree removal. With tree removal we also now provide tree-cycling which allows you to take those problem trees out of your yard and create custom furniture for your house! Below are some common reasons for tree removal:

Miscellaneous Tree Care

We are not limited to the tree care options mentioned above and are fully equipped and prepared to deal with any number of tree care situations. If you have any questions at all, we would love to chat and discuss any tree care issues you may have. All tree care consultations and estimates are free, just call or email us today to schedule a time. We love trees and love sharing knowledge about your trees with you!

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